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Donate Tears

Crying keeps your corneas safe. One day, your tears can make difference in someone's life. "Donate Tears" is a campaign that encourages the emotion, and the compassion.

Client: Porto Alegre Eye Bank.

Media, Print, OOH


The book of tears. A book that stirs your emotions, wipes your tears and keeps your corneas safe.

CONTEXT: In Brazil, cornea donation is still unknown. In order to alert the population about this problem, Porto Alegre Eye Bank created the campaign “Donate Tears”, a simple and emotional gesture that helps to make your corneas safe, making you a potential donor. So, how to spread this message through a media that touches us?

IDEA: “The Book of Tears”, a book made with unpublished histories, written by brazilian authors and printed in tissue paper.

STRATEGY: We sent each author a personalized tissue paper box. On the inside, a letter that invited them to participate in the project and to be a donor of emotional contents.


Tears. The only waste of water that’s worth every drop.

Screwing your makeup up never felt so good.


Donate tears. Donate corneas.